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Culture Hub

We offer innovative tools and training to strengthen employee engagement, foster collaboration, and drive your company's long-term success.

Office talks

Create a vibrant culture that
aligns with your values

Our Culture Hub services include talent management, employee relations, learning and development, and performance management.

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Leadership Workshops


The Ideal Team Player

In collaboration with Fanshawe Corporate Training Services, this full day program works with your team to cultivate collaboration and communication, ultimately increasing employee engagement.


EQi 2.0 Training

Help employees connect with their own emotions and those of their peers. Promote a culture of open communication, mutual understanding, and collaborative problem-solving, leading to a positive and inclusive work environment for your team.


Employee Growth System

In this forward-looking performance system, shift your focus to fostering continuous employee growth and development, rather than dwelling on past achievements or setbacks. Achievements and setbacks need to be dealt with FAST (frequent, accurate, specific, timely) feedback— on the spot correction or commendation. In this program, we’ll help you tailor our templated program to your company’s specific needs, and train leadership and employees on the new process.

Management Training


Management Funamentals

This first-time manager training covers the foundational principles  including understanding your role, setting expectations, developing a leadership style, effective communication, goal-setting, and building a positive team culture.


Team Dynamics and People Management

Dig into the intricacies of managing a team by understanding team dynamics, fostering collaboration, and handling conflicts. Training may delve into strategies for motivating and engaging team members, as well as techniques for effective delegation and time management.


Professional Development and Adaptation

Continue your journey into leadership with our immersive workshop tailored for first-time managers. Gain valuable insights into helping your team with professional development and adaptation strategies, equipping you with the skills to navigate challenges and excel in your managerial role.

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Yoga Practice

Employee Support Programs


Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Facilitated by a trained workplace mental health coach, this half-day workshop encourages employee well-being, leading to increased job satisfaction and engagement. A positive mental health environment reduces stress and burnout, enhancing productivity and creativity among team members!


Movement at Work

Increase your team’s physical health, mental well-being and productivity with some desk yoga! Book one session or a recurring cadence of sessions to keep your team’s health in tip top shape.


Nutrition on the Go

Healthy workplace meals help employees with cognitive function, boost energy and productivity, and have a positive impact on overall employee well-being! In this 45-minute workshop, our registered holistic nutritionist will help employees with healthy meal planning and preparation, focussing on nutrient-rich packable meal options and smart snacking & hydration. 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Programming


Cultural Transformation in the Workplace

This webinar serves as a catalyst for cultural transformation within organizations, challenging outdated norms and fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace environment.


Bias Training in the Workplace

In house training provides employees with the tools and knowledge to recognize and address unconscious biases, organizations can break down barriers to equality and create opportunities for all individuals to succeed.


EDIB for Managers

Manager DEI awareness training helps develop the skills necessary to champion diversity initiatives, leading by example and creating a ripple effect throughout the organization.

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Kind words from our clients

I have worked with [Ladder] for my last few hires. They've saved me a lot of time and made hiring a much easier process. I appreciate their ability to simplify the process and help ensure I am making the right hiring decisions.

Chad Butnari, The Andrews Group
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