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Treat your team like people, not a resource

Updated: May 10, 2021

Workforce management is an essential ingredient for success at any company— just look at how many tools have been created to help you do it. From project management programs to productivity data: our understanding of employees’ tangible value has never been more clear.

But while technology has made us more efficient, it is far too easy to forget that every figure represents a human in the workplace. Your employees are people first, workers second. That must be central to all HR processes.

Compassion is a powerful tool

Our goal as HR professionals is to ensure safety and compliance with legislation, of course, but also to deliver the most effective workforce possible. Like in all relationships, an employee wants to feel valued and treated with respect at your company. Failing to do so can have dramatic consequences for your bottom line.

You’ve likely seen the bumper sticker: “Being kind costs nothing.” And true as it is, being kind can also make you money! Acknowledging mental health in the workplace moves the dial on both productivity, collaboration, innovation and retention.

Workplace empathy attracts talent

It’s not just current employees that benefit from workplace empathy, it can also aid recruitment. We live in a connected world where people broadcast their opinions about everything— including work. Most potential recruits today will Google a company before applying for a position.

A workplace with a positive culture and employees who feel valued will provide a fantastic impression to potential new talent, helping the company to build the best team possible. In a competitive job market, that can make a real difference.

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