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Why digital wellness training is important for your employees

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Modern companies have modern problems. Today’s workplace challenges include topics that had barely been invented just a decade ago: social media, mental health advocacy, employee burnout, and digital wellness. As a leader, how can you navigate a problem that generations before didn’t even have to consider?

Enter digital wellness training— a pillar of our Wellness Program that deals with all of these challenges workplaces are suddenly facing. Here are some common issues managers deal with that digital wellness training can solve.

1. Our workplace culture doesn't include speaking openly about important topics like social issues and politics.

Gone are the days when your employees leave their personal opinions at home. Thanks to the constant presence of the internet— seamlessly following employees from home to work— previously taboo topics are now fair game.

These conversations are happening around the watercooler whether you’re okay with that or not, so it’s better to foster a safe, open environment than to try and restrict what employees talk about. (That just makes them feel like they can’t express themselves at work, and ultimately causes their work relationships and communication to suffer. Ick.)

Empathy and media literacy are the twin pillars of learning how to discuss important topics in a productive and respectful manner.

Understanding the online information environment— that is, being able to determine a credible source from which to form an opinion— is vital to a healthy discussion about tough topics.

2. Employees' mental health is negatively affected by the amount of time spent online, leading to increased employee burnout.

I’m sure we don’t need to tell you, but working in an office is basically synonymous with being online these days. Every day at their desks, your team is grappling with what it means to be a modern adult— constantly switching between their personal and professional lives online, but rarely unplugging.

It’d really help if they had some actionable tactics to lessen the mental load, right?

Through tools and strategies taught in our Digital Wellness Program, your employees can learn to balance the gravitational pull of the internet with their personal productivity and mental health.

PSST! Spending more waking hours online affects physical well-being too— that’s why we offer movement and nutrition programs.

3. Teams lack research skills needed to develop their industry knowledge, and find new opportunities for the company.

The internet is the largest and richest source of information ever created by humans. It’s a huge learning opportunity for your team, and a chance for your company to rise as an industry thought-leader.

The internet is also confusing as heck.

Understanding how information is organized and presented online leads to richer market research insights, understanding the competition and where your work fits into the world at-large, and can help to unearth growth opportunities.

Digital literacy is a key component of our program, and can teach your team how to find the nuggets of insight hidden beneath a pile of cat memes.

Companies that succeed are proactive, and know how to face modern problems head on. Get in touch with us for more information about our digital wellness offerings.

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