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Why do I need a career transition coach?

Updated: May 10, 2021

Sometimes, even good employees have to be fired. It’s your unenviable responsibility as a leader to make these tough choices. But there are ways to make it easier for the individual and ultimately, the business itself. For those who are forced to downsize or lay off valued employees, providing a career transition coach will help both parties move through these major changes smoothly.

What is a career transition coach?

A career transition coach helps laid-off employees reassess and find new employment faster. They provide support and guidance during every step of the journey:

  • Keeping them motivated

  • Securing outplacements

  • Reassessing their skills

  • Marketing themselves

  • Targeting the right opportunities

Why hire a career transition coach?

As an employer, having a career transition coach available during layoffs helps ease the transition both for the employees and for the company. Businesses that take the time to offer support and assistance in a difficult situation are much less likely to have negative reviews by those they had to let go. It also protects the company reputation, which in the long term will make the investment worthwhile.

When should I hire a career transition coach?

If you know layoffs are inevitable, it’s important to plan ahead. Hiring a career transition coach must be part of the process from the start to be seen as a legitimate attempt to help your soon-to-be former employees. If you wait and hire support as a reactionary measure to the anger and hurt that comes with downsizing, you risk appearing like you’re just doing damage-control for the sake of our reputation.

Finding the right career transition coach

That’s where we come in. If you have to implement a series of layoffs, get ahead of the game and ensure that everyone affected can enjoy the benefits of a career transition coach. It will help them, and it will help your company too.

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