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Business Networking

HR Starter Pack

For fast-growing businesses that have a team, but no HR department yet.

How to know if this HR Start Pack is for you:

✔️ Your team is getting too big (or people problems are too complex) for you to address everyone individually.

✔️ You want to maintain strong communication from leadership to other team members.

✔️ You want to ensure you treat your staff with fairness and equity.

✔️ You want your company's employee experience to be top notch (because you care, and because you want to attract and retain top talent).

What's included

Company Policy Manual

Let's ensure that everyone is on board and playing by the same rules! This policy manual includes 15 standard policies you'll need to get started. We customize this for you - it's not a template for you to complete on your own!


Agreement Template

A legally-vetted contract of employment for you to use as a basis for your hiring process.  This is all about risk mitigation.  

Wage Analyses

Have a compensation expert access paid salary data to provide a wage analysis for 3 key positions in your company. This helps ensure that your key people are fairly paid!


You'll also receive 5 FREE HOURS of on-demand HR support within the first month of your purchase.

Ready to get started?

Shoot us a message below, and we'll email you instructions for purchase!

Wonderful, great choice! You'll be hearing from us shortly.
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