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Monthly HR Subscription

For small businesses that have a team, but no HR department yet.


Our monthly HR subscription package is for leaders who are starting to feel the pressure of people problems— quickly piling paperwork, no employee handbook, and more work than people. We so feel you, and we've got you covered.

Legislative compliance

As your business grows, it's vital to  stay up-to-date with both provincial and federal employment law. Don't worry, we've got your back.

Performance evaluations

We're a little different here - we look forward, not backwards! That's why we call our proprietary system the EGS (Employee Growth System). We will implement a framework for developmental discussions that will help move your company to the next level.

Employee Relations

We work with you hand-in-hand to uncover the little details that make your company culture unique. We help you work through people issues like employee conflict, terminations and supporting employees when required.


Knowing what to pay your people is a science, not an art. We use up-to-date salary data, your job descriptions and a few critical factors to determine the right pay for your team.

Employee handbooks

Handbooks, policies and guidelines— oh my! We'll help you communicate your values and the rules of emgagement to your employees.

Job descriptions

Job descriptions are needed so that everyone in your company knows exactly what's expected of them. They're kinda like owner's manual for the job.

Incident investigations

We specialize in conducting impartial workplace incident investigations to help you limit risks, make informed decisions and meet legal obligations.

How we're different

  • You're assigned a dedicated HR pro to lead the charge

  • You'll call the same HR pro every time

  • We proactively schedule time with you each month

  • We're a compassionate minority-owned team of HR aficionados

  • No templates, always tailored content for your company

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