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Emotional intelligence is a must-have skill as leaders navigate their daily challenges.

Creative Office


A leadership team that communicates more effectively, and is nimble at decision making.


A team that can pivot efficiently to respond to challenges and changes in the marketplace.


A leadership team who are experts at managing their own— and their team's— stress.


A team that is more engaged, and efficiently leverages employee productivity and costs.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is, essentially, the way in which one uses their emotional and social skills to cope with and interact in the world. Unlike IQ, which is fixed by our mid-20s, EI can be grown and evolve over time through focussed effort and coaching.


Our Emotional Intelligence workshop includes:
  • Pre-workshop completion of the EQ-i2.0 Assessment and a confidential 45-minute debrief with a Certified EQi-2.0 Coach.

  • 2 hour onsite workshop, including:

    • Introduction and explanation of Emotional Intelligence (what it is and why it matters)

    • Overview of the 15 competencies of emotional intelligence and their interconnectivity

    • Discussions, lecturettes, group activities and self-reflection to reinforce learning.

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