Image by Dan Gold

Nutrition Programs

  • How to Eat Healthy During the Work Week

    • 45-minute workshop with 15-minutes for Q&A where we would discuss tips for how to plan and prepare for weekday eating, including breakfast, lunch and dinner

    • We will share ideas on healthy, easy eating, while sticking to a budget and with various food preferences

  • How to Stay Energized During the Day

    • The main focus is on food, and how what we put in our bodies affects our mind and energy level.

    • Will touch on gut health and how that impacts our mood.

    • Will make suggestions for alternatives to coffee and refined sugar, and why that’s important

  • How our Food Choices Impact our Mental Health

    • The benefits of eating a whole-food, mainly plant-based diet, and how to do it in an easy way cost-effective way

    • Reducing refined and highly processed foods

    • The impact of sugar and trans fat on the brain