Image by Dan Gold

Nutrition Programs

  • How to Eat Healthy During the Work Week

    • This could be a workshop style 45min with 15min for Q&A where we would discuss tips for how to plan and prepare for weekday eating, including breakfast, lunch and dinner

    • Incorporate ideas on healthy, easy eating, while sticking to a budget and with various food preferences

  • How to Stay Energized During the Day

    • This workshop could focus mainly on food, and how what we put in our bodies effects our mind and energy level.

    • Could touch on gut health and how that impacts our mood.

    • Make suggestions for alternatives to coffee and refined sugar, and why that’s important

  • How our Food Choices Impact our Mental Health

    • The benefits of eating a whole food, mainly plant based diet, and how to do it in an easy way cost effective way

    • Reducing refined and highly processed foods

    • The impact of sugar and trans fat on the brain

Yoga at Work

  • Offer gentle yoga classes over zoom

    • Guide a 45-60min class where employees can join from the comfort of their homes. The class would be a combination of standing and floor sequences, finished with 5-10min of meditation. It would be designed for beginners; however more advanced modifications will be offered for those who wish to take them. It could be a morning class starting before the workday, or a lunch time class.

    • Guide a 30min chair yoga class. This class will be practiced mainly from a chair, or with the use of a chair for support. It would incorporate gentle movement with breath work and meditation.


Mindfulness (including Meditation)

  • Offer a workshop focused on the power of mindfulness and meditation at work, its impact on the brain, and how incorporating this within a work environment has been shown to improve productivity and engagement. It would include exercises that individuals can do during the course of their workday to maintain focus and presence. Mindfulness has been shown to improve mood, overall happiness, creativity and productivity; as well as decrease anxiety, worry and fear. This workshop could be targeted to senior leaders as a way of getting their buy in, on the whole concept of being present, and its impact on the workplace.

  • Offer a workshop to all employees who are interested, explaining what mindfulness is, and focusing on tips and techniques to help them improve their awareness and overall attention. These tips could be ways of improving their performance and happiness at work as well as in their personal lives.

  • Offer a 20min meditation practice led by Allison as a way of fostering a culture of awareness and presence in the workplace.


Managing Stress, Mental Health Awareness and Reducing/Eliminating Employee Burn Out

  • Workshop on Mental Health Awareness

    • Sarah may want to be involved in this?

    • I see this as being offered to senior leaders first, so they have a clear understanding and are prepared to acknowledge that mental health issues are very real, and are present in every workplace. There needs to be a culture of acceptance, so the stigma is not as present (if that is an issue in any given workplace)

    • It would then shift to all employees, where solutions and resources are provided for them to seek support as needed.

  • Workshop on Managing Stress and avoiding/reducing employee burnout

    • Facilitate a session focused on how stress impacts the body, brain and overall health. Creating awareness that stress is essentially connected to every illness is important not only so people see its significance, but also so they see how small changes in their lifestyle have an impact on reducing stress; ex. the food they eat, how much sleep they get, screen time, being in nature, movement, digestion, gut health etc. We could dive deep here or keep it high level, depending on the culture of the workplace and perhaps how significant the culture issues are.