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Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Our behaviours are guided by our emotions.  

Our behaviours can have a direct impact on others.

Our individual life experiences have shaped who we are today and how we move throughout the world.

Without even realizing it, many of us use verbal, written and body language that continues to perpetuate unfavourable stigma around the topic of Mental Health, especially in the workplace.  Concerns such as "Burnout", "Stress", "Worklife Balance", "Workplace Wellness", "Performance Gaps" and many more are directly related to a Psychologically Safe Workplace.

This workshop was created to introduce participants to the main concepts of EI and how EI can be harnessed to help break down barriers to an open, supportive, Psychologically safe workplace.


Psychologically Safe Workplace Audit

Through a structured interview, survey and metric review process, Sarah will work with your managers and staff to assess areas of strength and gaps that relate to your workplace culture and environment as they relate to a Psychological Safe Workplace.  Some areas reviewed include: employee engagement, perceived support, trust, and loyalty. A summary report including recommendations will be provided to the organization champion upon completion.

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