Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations provide a stepping-stone for the employee and management to identify and discuss areas where performance can be improved. Ladder HR Solutions can help seek opportunities for employees and management expectations to be reinforced or clarified.

Performance evaluations review an individual’s job performance and assigned duties to help accomplish organizational goals. Performance evaluations help employees, and their managers create a plan for employee development through additional training and increased responsibilities, as well as to identify shortcomings the employee could work to resolve.

Ladder HR Solutions has expertise in the following types of evaluations:

  • Self-Assessment-Individuals rate their job performance and behaviour

  • Peer assessment- an individual’s workgroup rates their performance

  • 360-degree feedback assessment: Includes input from an individual, supervisor(s), and peer(s).

  •  Negotiated appraisal- A consultant attempts to moderate the adversarial nature of performance evaluations by allowing the subject to present first.

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